the only time we talk

January 16, 2009
By AMANDA Mullaney, Franklin, MA

If only you knew
What rushes through my mind
The pounding of my heart
The racing of my thoughts

The thoughts that cloud my mind
The passing of all my time
The world that rushes by me
As you leave my side

If only you could see
I’m standing next to you
And you are all I see
And All I know is you

Whenever you are near me
All I here is you
You voice that makes me melt
And make me listen
To the giggles that come
Bubbling out my mouth
All I can here is your song
And non of the songs that I here
Can stop my from thinking of you

All I can smell are roses
The ones I wish you had given me
And the soft sent
That always reminds me of you
If only you could smell a lily
And pick it out only for me
But an orchid caught your eye
And the lily caught a chill

If only you could know
The softness of you hair
The soft way you hand touches mine
As if no one else is there
If only you could feel
The melting of my heart,
Each time you brush my hair from my face
And gently move my heart

If only you could think,
Think for once just about me
Think ofme as a possibility
Think just for once
Think of me
As more then just the girl
That was over looked in all the dreams
If only you could look at me instead of through me
If only you could feel
What I feel every day

If only you could feel the pain
That when I pass you
Finds me some way

If only you knew
How much I knew
But you don’t
So you wont
And thus the pen
Ends with the paper
And not the heart.

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