January 16, 2009
By Shayla Shaishnikoff, Unalaska, AK

As I watch the snow fall down,
I look up at the moon.
I expect that it will fall,
For I know my life ends soon.

I thought that I would live
To be at least 58,
But I am yet only 9 years old,
And passing heavens gate.

Mommy tried to comfort me,
My dad cried at my feet,
My brother kept his distance,
And sobbed in the lobby seats.

..I can remember,
When everything was well,
..Before I got leukemia,
..Before my life turned to hell.

But now I have lost my gorgeous locks
And now my head is bare
All my friends don’t understand
-I’d often catch them stare.

I’m lying in the bed rite now,
And I can see a light,
Mommy’s crying heavily,
And daddy holds me tight.

I won’t give up; I won’t quit yet
For something is not right,
I feel an emptiness inside,
So I continue on the fight.

I lift my chin,
Scan the room

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