Never Let Go Of Me.

January 16, 2009
By Kayla Brachbill, Shelbyville, IL

We sat there in silence.
Not uncomfortable, just happy to be together.
I stole a quick glance at him.
My eyes meet his, as he stares pasionately into my eyes.
As if he were trying to read my mind.
As if he were trying to see inside my heart.
My face flushes scarlet.
We both laugh in tune.
Our giggles tinkling a sweet, addictive tune.
I looked away.
To escape his intent stare.
I feel his leg gently brush against mine.
I look down.
Only to see our intertwined hands.
Then his hand was gone...
leaving only a single hand.
I suddenly feel a tingle...
as his cool, firm hand turns my face toward him...
for my eyes to meet his.
He whispers silently to me, "I love you."
I whisper back, "I love you."
He moves closer to me.
Then suddenly his lips press against mine.
I am once again shocked by the passion behind his kiss.
He pulls away and holds me close, tightly, securely in his strong arms.
I cherish every second that I am close to him.
I whisper to him, "Never let go of me. I need you."
He whispers back to me, hugging me tighter, "I promise."
He then stunned me again with another soft, beautiful, meaningful, kiss.

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