This Feeling

January 16, 2009
I have this feeling and it’s making me go insane,
I look at you with longing eyes hoping you feel the same.

It feels like riding a roller coaster or crashing through a plane
Not having you around feels like a limp man not having his cane.

I never thought you were the one,
Until that day that we hung out; I had so much fun

My feelings for you is as bright as the sun
I have no other lover, you’re my only one

I felt a spark, a connection between us,
Especially when you kissed me in the bus.

If you were gone I’d feel like a medal chair that has rust,
And sit in the corner to collect dust.

You talk to me like I actually matter,
If you were to leave my heart would shatter

I’d feel like a broken piece of platter
Or like a cloth with wears and tatters

I’ve never had this feeling in the past
You are my first love and hopefully it’ll last.

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