January 16, 2009
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It has since been a while,
For I have been searching,
In the darkness,
For my shattered heart,

Ages it feels,
Since you once loved me,
And now i am certain,
We are no more,

I can't restir my feelings,
After you killed them,
Tossing my glass heart,
Back into the depths of me,

Longing for your kiss,
Wishing that we could rewrite,
Our love, our pat,
Like this solemn poem,

And yet my heart,
Plays tricks on me,
Telling my aching body,
That you are the one

And almost in a torturous way,
My mind, says No,

No! You cannot have her,
She has hurt you,
But i say that that pain,
Felt so good,

So pure like the Lily,
And ripening in the Sun,

Maybe you still love me,
But these will be,
The final words to my heart

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