Goose Laughs and Florida Roots

January 16, 2009
By Melanie crucitt, Loveland, OH

Round and round the arcade I went,
Silently willing anyone to give a friendly gesture,
It was midnight on the cruise,
I was alone and probably looking like a loser.

Right hen I was about to give up,
I heard a "hey!" as I walked towards the door,
His name was chris and he was two years older,
We got to talking and I liked him more and more.

We walked around the ship,
Played putt putt and ping pong,
He said, "let's go to the second floor,"
It was off limits and it felt so wrong.

Into a dark conference room,
I was finally having some fun,
We arm wrestled lefties,
And of course I won.

He didnt try anything,
Not even a kiss,
But I felt so alive,
And so full of bliss.

It was just so relaxed,
We chilled the whole night,
No awkward silences or self conscious thoughts,
Like romance on tv it felt right.

But then it was over,
All good things has to end,
I hope one day I'll find it again,
Someone who loves my goose laughs and Florida roots.

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