January 16, 2009
By Jessica Ortiz, Brocken, MA

Who are you?
You've turned into a stranger
What I used to know as a girl
who would sit in the park
sketching birds in tall red oaks

But now whose heart has morphed
Into a hollow hole full of paranoia and hostility

Stop burying the truth
Your curled lips aren't compatible
with your scarlet eyes
They scream for an antidote

You think no one wants to help,
no one can help

Where did the good times go?
You'd love to play hide-and-seek
But now I can't find you

You've occluded yourself not only
from all the lies and deceit,
the pain and suffering
But from long walks on sunny spring days

The days we'd frolic in the puddles
from yesterday's drizzle

But I'm here, to look over you.
Like the moon,
I'll light your way
on this dark path we call life.

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