The Ache

January 16, 2009
Dejà Vu
7 years old
Running full speed
Tripping over the fence
Air whooshing out of my lungs
Gasping for air
Deja Vu

The news hit me
Then the pain hit me
Right in the gut
A note drawn out for minutes
The crescendo at the end of an opera
Just waiting, waiting
For me to give in

Tears well up in my eyes
The colors blur
I blink, blink
Willing them not to tip over the edgeGiving me away
My disguise of stability

My throat burns
Nail polish remover in a woundI swallow, swallow
I just can't seem to quench the dryness
Someone is strangling me
A boa constrictor wrapped around my neck

I hold it for the ride home
Run upstairs
To my sanctuary
My anti bad place
Crank up Simple Plan
Scream it
Every single word
I cry, cry
Until the well is dry
The ache is gone

And I'm strong again
A superhero
Regaining strength after a big blow
Ready to face the world
So I pick myself up
I breathe, breathe
Walk out of my safety zone
And show them who I can be
Who I will be.

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