The Midnight Creatures

January 16, 2009
By alyssa lacis, Lincoln, ND

where do the midnight creatures hide?
Here, there, the back of my mind?
Please keep the light on,it keeps them away.
They can stay in their corners,their saving grace.

Can you hear their claws? Scuttle on the floor?
Oh,might the sound be etched in your mind forevermore.
Haunting you,when You're all alone.
Forever with you,to live in your home.

Try as you might,you can't make them leave!
They just keep coming back,a supernatural disease!
You beg for forgivness,barter for your life!
But still,they taunt you;for their own souls are in strife.
You are wasting your time,because you have lost the fight!

The midnight creatures come in the night!
Binding your legs and arms so tight!
They carry you away with incredible might!
Those horrible monsters that come in the night!

Sweat pours from every pore!You're screaming,but no one hears you anymore!
Your chest,it heaves with each labored breath,you know that you're dying;though you're not ready for death.

And then slowly,your heart,it stops.
Your eyes begin to shut.All you see is black around you.
You and the darkness are one.

You try to cry out.But its no use.
The midnight creatures have tightened the noose.
You belong to the creatures of the night,and the death-defying fright they impose!

Slowly your vision begins to return.But you are not yourself.
You are now a midnight creature,and the dark is forever your home.
Yes,the dark is where your soul will perish..alone.

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