And You Believed.

January 16, 2009
By Alyson Browder, Norwalk, IA

Young hearts allow for imagination to soar
You believe his every word
His touch is the first one to ignite a flame upon your skin
But it doesn’t burn, not yet
His liquid eyes melt into yours
He is all you see
His arms are the first to hold you near
And you believe.

Then times change
What used to be cherished memories
Fade to black and white
Allowing darkness to creep along the edges
Consuming the good times like a flame to paper
His blazing touch ruined it all
He was the first,
And you believed.

Then along comes someone softer, more sincere
He says all the right things
Tells you everything you long to hear
You are his everything
You make him feel alive
He is your Romeo, your Prince Charming
And you believe.

But if he is the prince charming
Where is the white horse?
His false promises give way under pressure
His sensitive side is shown to be nothing more than deception
His words are erased from your consciousness
He was the second
And you believed.

Guarded hearts are harder to deceive
For in order to be hurt, you had to let them in first
But then comes the one
The one with the keys to your locks
And a crowbar if they don’t work
He tells you all his deepest secrets
And listens to all of yours
He isn’t flawless
Yet his imperfections are what makes him so intriguing
So perfect
And you believe.

Yet, all good things come to an end
Bruised emotions blinded you to believe nothing went wrong
And then crashed into your memoirs
You wonder how this could’ve happened
He made you realize your potential
He freed your broken heart, and mended it back together
Only to take it with him when he left
But in time you get it back
You don’t understand the point anymore
He was the third
And you believed.

You are looking for a way to prove yourself
Prove that you can move on
No regrets
When he comes along
He is mysterious, captivating
He knows your deepest desires
Yet he is the darkness
The sinister one who lures you in
You keep your heart locked up
But decide to act on impulse for just one night
To forget all who have hurt you
To free yourself from the ghosts of your past
And you believe.

Yet you don’t understand that you’re not proving anything
To be free of the ghosts, you let in a demon
The logic makes no sense after the fact
You crawl into a corner of your room and wait
Wait for the one who wont betray you
Who won’t deceive you
Who won’t lie to you
He was the fourth
And you believed.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece to help me sort out the many times I've been hurt and make me realize that actual relationships hardly ever have a fairytale course.

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