follow me this way

January 16, 2009
By Laci Ball, Kahoka, MO

I didn’t know who I was without you
No I didn’t know a thing in those days
Now you’re standing in the rain
Begging me to follow you this way

Satan took a hold of me the first chance he got
But I looked long and hard for a way out of his world
Because he took my pride and what control I had left
He made me an angry little girl

But now I’ve got something better
Than anything my old self would ever dream of asking for
I’ve Jesus walking into my house
Coming in from the rain that’s on the other side of my door

He said, “Follow me this way, my child.”
Don’t let him lead you astray
You want to go to heaven
So I’m going to tell you the way

Stay in prayer
Follow me each day
Let me in day and night
Don’t leave me out in the rain

Walk in forgiveness
Love your enemies as if they were your friends
And remember this one thing
If you follow me this way, you’ll live a life with no end

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