Born to fight?

January 16, 2009
By saubia fathima, Dubai, ZZ

With guns and words and tanks we fight,
And kill thousands of innocents each night.
So mercilessly, heartlessly without any fear,
We kill them without a single tear.
Yes, we fight; we fight not stopping to think if it’s right.
In the name of God or peace or country not stopping to care we fight…

But we know this is wrong,
With this attitude I don’t think we will last long.
We say we “fight to live” our action are justified,
But in reality some just “live to fight” that’s the truth that can’t be denied.
Its like a hobby to kill innocents every night,
We force ourselves to believe we are right.
And continue to fight with all or might.

But honestly do you think this Is the right path on which we should go?
Sincerely reflect and you will see the answer is obviously no.
GOD has created us all to live in peace.
And for all He has created fruits, air and trees.
Yet knowing this we continue to fight,
And destroy everything in sight.
But we have to stop this and learn to be friends.
Or I am sure no one will like the way this fight ends.

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