January 16, 2009
By Frank Hines, Durham, NY

Born without sin, a clean slate,
Out of the package, fresh and pristine.
Sterile appearance, blessed with attributes of,
Angelic purities, virtue and ultimate serenity.
Incidents occur, a disarray of tragedies,
Observed, heard, then absorbed.
Soaking up, malicious, malevolent, muck,
Breeding grounds for dark vengeful thoughts.
Exterior worn but seemingly dirt-free.
Infectious dirt and viruses strew inside,
Like devilish demeaning demons in disguise,
Bearing disgust to distraught, hostile eyes.
Rinsed clean conscious, an inconceivable concept.
Stains of past disgust spread through slimy strokes.
An irreversible process progressed,
Sinless to sinful, angel to devil, heaven to hell,
Spoken cleansing attributes depleted eternally.
Deteriorated, raggedy and ripped to ribbons,
Chains of thoughts broken when finally disposed.

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