Final Goodbye

January 16, 2009
Wake up, antagonizing screams of sunlight
New Morning, weak eyes;faded smile.
Trembling hands, pale skin, hardly breathing.
She's barely moving. Yet she still wears it everyday. Her boy-kissed smile. Show everyone a different illusion, a brillant lie.
A secluded love, only one heart feels.
Escape the light, and his lies.
Hide away without him, she won't believe him. Eyes so full of deceit. Blinded by emotions, and fake whispers.
Turn your face away,
My eyes burning into your back,
Never look...My breathing finally stops.
My eyes are piercing, Never face the betrayal of a question.
He doesn't know, he never will
His heart so deep, and gone like the dream.
Like the thought of an I love you on my tongue.
The resistance of words remaining inside.
You'll finally burn my own once sleeping stoner.
I'll whisper in your ear, but only goodbye.

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markw said...
Feb. 1, 2009 at 6:34 pm
nice poem
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