January 16, 2009
one man sleeps on the couch
while next to him, a girl sits on boy's lap
and anothers' making coffee
and they go off to do laundry
in the corner where she dreams
of clean towels
and fabric softener

and while you're off taking a shower
a boy sinks his battleship
and a punk girl reads the paper
with music in the background

he put's his feet up on the table
she woke him up before she
left to go make food
and now the man on the couch
dreams of speggetti
and garlic rolls

there's hairspray in her backpack
and soap up in a basket
pickles in their caskets
the vinegar is blood

pastries on the counter
no mugs to get their coffee
blank screen on the tv

she wakes him up again
tells him to go for a walk
"maybe it will wake you up"
but the man on the couch stays
taps his feet, and shuts his eyes

i think i may know this song

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volleyballrox said...
Feb. 5, 2009 at 12:15 pm
I love your wording! its so, inspiring!
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