January 16, 2009
The sun was shining, but the clouds were rolling in.
The rain came fast while we ran to be sheltered
I stood in front of you, with your arms around my waist,
We watched the storm come in over the lake.

This is the comfort every girls needs.
The beauty in life, the boy who’ll set her free.
Not let her go, but make her feel alive.
Allow her to be whatever she may please

Waking up from a dream, she knew it was fake.
This couldn’t be true, no boy was this great
She put her feet on the floor, and took a deep breath
Second thoughts about life, made her want it to stop

With a drop of hope from a friend far away
She stood taller than ever and broke free from the cage
She went out into the world and made herself strong
And finally, that special boy came along.

Time went on and so did their lives
With many downsides, that would soon turn around.
She remembers the time when she gave up hope.
Thinking he was gone and nothing was left.

A cold winter night, sitting in his car
The dream they dared to dream,
Suddenly came true.
The cobwebs on the ceiling, absorbed their problems
The flood from the rain, washed their troubles away.

If you go back in time, you’ll discover the truth
It’s a long road to get there and it’s not always great
But if you want it to last, you need to learn to forgive what went before.

Forever they stand, holding on to each other
The dream of a storm, came true in their lives
But love made it work, and she’ll never forget
The first time they laughed, the first time she cried.
Don’t give up hope, life is worth the ride.

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