Brother of Mine

January 16, 2009
By Varuna P, Brampton, ON, ZZ

Maybe if we could go back to 'us',
There'd be no arguing, no fight, no fuss,
Just the brother you once used to be,
No matter where you came from on the tree,
But life was so simple back then,
When we argued Backstreet Boys lyrics and rocks like gems,
When guns, drugs, and unrequited love,
Were topics completely unheard of,
I never foresaw myself the thorn in your side,
An obligation you wish you could be denied,
But I remember when I was your first priority,
Ironic how now I'm a liability compared to your superiority,
Remember you said, “No matter what I'll always be there,”
I guess you forgot me and how to play fair,
I forgot that everything has an expiry date,
And one day I would need you and you'd be late,
I told the world the sun wouldn't rise,
Before you'd shower me with ingenious lies,
I expected you to save me from all who crossed the line,
And I forgot that you were on the edge, it should have been a sign,
When I look at you all that's left is a ghost of a smile,
And the distance of the seven seas and a couple of miles,
Excuse me for wanting the old days back,
When Batman and Barbie were idols, cut us some slack,
Maybe one day when you woke up,
You decided this was the way to be a man and grow up,
But you said childhood comes once don't rush,
Yet all of our childish dreams I've seen you crush,
The fire that tore through our dreams of a family block,
Yes, the one replaced now with 45s, 9s, and glocks,
Our friendship has faded like an old man on his deathbed,
Because one day we all die alone isn't that what you said,
I've realized that people will come and go, break your heart, change,
But who would have guessed to me you'd do the same,
Obviously not blind me, brother of mine,
To whom living fairytale lives are a crime,
To whom 'I love you' is just another line,
To whom loves only what shines,
To whom family is just a relentless bind,
To whom I've lost and hope to find,
To the brother that I once called mine!

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