The Warming World, and the Colding Hearts

January 16, 2009
By April Pat, Brampton, ZZ

Years from now, will we be regretting,
why it was March and we were sweating.
The earth gradually gets warmer,
And we forget how the earth was at its former.

Fresh glaciers start to melt,
Yet the problem remains undealt.
Animals are forced to adapt,
But the changes make them feel trapped.

The air gets thicker, and makes it hard to breathe.
And the earth’s surface slowly starts to seethe.
Untouched nature slowly becomes hard to spot,
And there goes more land used for construction, just bought.

Until the damage we create is beyond repair,
Only then will we start to actually care.
The environment pays the price in the meantime,
and we remain ignorant and continue committing our crime.

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