January 16, 2009
By G. Patel, Brampton, ZZ

I will wait for thee to come, my love
in this gentle heaven, soft as a dove,

Even though I said “till death do us apart”
This love is what, my soul cannot depart;

Leave the world, that is Vicious,
and join this harmony for the two of us

We will sit upon these stars that glow,
until you decide it is time to go

I will listen to thy every word
yet you must know that you are my only World;

Sit us on the shiny rocks of the shore
Knowing not how much we really adore

We will have all of the time we desire;
Thus, our life is not close to dire

As long as you are with me
My soul will delighted be

So, tilt your head to look above.
I will wait for thee to come, my love

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