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January 16, 2009
When bored in class, I start to think
of how nice it would be to not use my pen’s ink.
Instead of writing a six-page English essay,
Me rather do something fun that offers good pay.

In math, we learn about useless graphs.
I look at my evil math teacher, as she hands out homework and laughs.
I already know where the x, y, and z axis is,
so why do I have to sit here, failing quiz after quiz.

Chemistry class is such a bore,
I wish I could just exit that big ol’ front door.
Why do I need to know about prothons and electrons, anyways?
It doesn’t matter if I end up mixing two explosive chemicals one of these days.

As for the other subjects that waste my time,
that fill up the minutes ‘til that 2:55 chime,
The Useless: Health, Law, Business and French,
sitting in those classes makes me have this horrible thirst I can’t quench.

Without school, I can still go visit the planet Pluto in space.
And the Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chrétien, well I can still replace.
I might as well sit at home and watch a funny t.v. show,
instead of wasting time at school, learning things I don’t really need to know.

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