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January 16, 2009
By April Pat, Brampton, ZZ

When bored in class, I start to think
of how nice it would be to not use my pen’s ink.
Instead of writing a six-page English essay,
Me rather do something fun that offers good pay.

In math, we learn about useless graphs.
I look at my evil math teacher, as she hands out homework and laughs.
I already know where the x, y, and z axis is,
so why do I have to sit here, failing quiz after quiz.

Chemistry class is such a bore,
I wish I could just exit that big ol’ front door.
Why do I need to know about prothons and electrons, anyways?
It doesn’t matter if I end up mixing two explosive chemicals one of these days.

As for the other subjects that waste my time,
that fill up the minutes ‘til that 2:55 chime,
The Useless: Health, Law, Business and French,
sitting in those classes makes me have this horrible thirst I can’t quench.

Without school, I can still go visit the planet Pluto in space.
And the Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chrétien, well I can still replace.
I might as well sit at home and watch a funny t.v. show,
instead of wasting time at school, learning things I don’t really need to know.

The author's comments:
My piece is about students who wish to not be in school because they think it's not important, when in fact, without education this is what will happen. The mistakes made in this poem are intentional and show how without school, someone can make these simple mistakes.

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