A Vampire Awakening

January 16, 2009
By Anonymous

One night the streets were dark, and the lamps were dim,
in the mist, is when I caught a glimpse of him,
A tragic figure of sorrow and shame.
The clouds came and erased the light,
And I were alone in the darkness of night.

He swift through the smoke filled air,
I was in a trance and all I would do was stare.
As the classical music filled in my soul,
His bite was deadly,
and I was outta control.

He had bit me, in my soft pale neck,
the pain was something I couldn’t forget,
the blood had spilled out
and the venom sank in; feeling like an immortal sin.
It had felt like death, but it was my birth,

It felt like life, but yet it was my curse,
Damned to life of destroying another,
seeking blood to serve my hunger.
I was now an immortal soul,
A vampire cursed, and out of control. . .

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