Life Goes On

January 16, 2009
By nalini singh, Brampton, ZZ

Forget the fact that we are in a phase of a blackout
and the sun hasn't risen in days

Forget the fact of the current pain you feel comes from heartbreak and loneliness
and you feel the emptiness will go on

Forget the fact that emotions stress and laziness are boiling in your mind
and tomorrow's English assignment will still be due

Forget the fact that pains such as headaches and stomachaches
for the will be gone by tomorrow

remember that even though the sun hasn't shown
someone will be watching down on us through the clouds sending a feeling much warmer than heat

know that one love is not the only love
and your heart is still alive and beating

know that knowledge will lead to success
which put simply is a prize oh happiness

Too many times we forget to remember the greatest things we are given
and stress on the flaws of life .

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