One That Is Special

January 16, 2009
As spring comes upon them
The flowers will boom
One that is special
Grown courageous by the dew

Innocent and merry
They live all for fun
As they spread throughout the valley
And flourish in the sun

At the height of their beauty
The frost will be spread
Caught unaware
Many lay dead

The frost is a tool
From below used as bait
It’s unknowingly accepted
Devoured by hate

It preys among the weak
And leaches to the strong
It has no conscience
To tell it what’s wrong

With good intentions
The flowers start out
But the frost will not be tamed
It will not do without

The cowardly ones protest
Say nothing is wrong
But the courageous one knows
Has known all along

Voices are heard
And the division begins
The frost caught up in it
Fed by the sins

Alone and crying
The courageous one stands
Though it has not the strength
It lends a helping hand

The others call to it
Bringing temptation in sight
But it is not tricked
It knows it must fight

The urge to go join them
To give in, to be included
Is strong and unceasing
Making its senses deluded

In times of great need
It looks to the sun
For the strength that is needed
If this battle be won

In fearful fury
The frost strikes out
In an attempt to overload
The courageous one’s doubt

But the courageous one knows
It’s protected and loved
The frost cannot harm it
Or its helper above

The weak ones draw near it
Giving their sorrows to bear
Though it calls “I cannot hold them”
They do not hear

So weaker it grows
Its color but lost
It will not surrender
Not to the frost

Its fellows now fall
By the frost are turned black
Only the strong ones now stand
Though they will not fight back

The frost will spread
By jealousy and spite
The path will be led

So as the courageous one dies
Held strong by its belief
The new ones stay standing
And forever will leap

For in the shelter of its courage
The weak ones grew strong
And a new race within them
Has grown all along

They are strong and brave
And believe in what’s right
So the space that surrounds them
Will forever be bright

The frost cannot touch them
Their faith is too whole
It flees from their rampage
Leaving not one living sole

As all others die
They grow strong and true
They will defeat the frost
And return the springtime dew

The courageous one watches
From somewhere high above
It smiles and laughs
Knowing what has become of its love…

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