What Goes Up, Must Come Down

January 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Screams and laughter fill the summer wind
Rushing past two wet, smiling girls
Racing with the waves on a round tube
Attached to a boat skimming over a blue, shining lake
While the family aboard smiles at the two happy children

The boat takes a sharp turn,
Sending the tube flying over a wave
And sending the now S H R I E K I N G girls with it
Up into the blue, blue sky
Wondering what awaits them

Suddenly the tube flips over
Landing with a SLAP on the water
Leaving the two unsuspecting ones trapped under it
Stuck in the dark, cold, engulfing water
No longer as welcome as it was under the dazzling summer sun

Finally the sun reappears
Shining bright and warm
As the girls pop up like bobbing corks
Very relieved
And laughing once more

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