Learning to Stand

January 15, 2009
By Anna Zomberg, Grandville, MI

I am the forgotten, the unnecessary, and the refused.
I am the page the author omitted
I am the cries of the children abused.
The adultery last committed.

I am the ridiculed, mocked, and the sin.
I am the option nobody chose.
The loss in the security of the win.
The venom from the mouth of your foes.

I am the crying, the faded, and the lost.
I am the voice of the tongue removed.
The fire’s damage and the cost.
The murderers lie proved.

I know all of this because he told me so,
I am the lyrical story, the laugh if I ever grow.
I’m okay though, his words hurt worse then his hand,
and I’ll keep being the crawl, until I stand.

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