January 15, 2009
By Cierra Woods, Odenton, MD

My head is spinning

your driving me insane

Someone please help me

because I can't stand the pain

Looking in your eyes

I feel safe and at ease

I don't want to lie

Or seem like a tease

But why is my heart pounding

Can you make it stop

So many feelings are eroding

I'm almost about to pop

Trying to express how I feel

But nothing comes out right

So I stay quiet and afraid

like hiding in plain sight

It’s hard to find your path

The way you want to go

And as you feel like dying

The flowers still grow

The water still flows

The air still blows

The world keeps spinning

Even though you've froze

My lips remained sealed

My thoughts froze

There is a truth to be revealed

Another story to be composed

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