Folding - Unfolding

January 15, 2009
As my fingers skate across the book’s smooth surface,
my eyes journey through the book,
scavenging for the right piece.
Once my eyes land upon a difficult piece my heart leaps.
My hands fumble through my stack of paper, looking for the right colour.
My fingers get to work:
weaving, swooping, diving, pushing, folding - unfolding.
My hands rest for a moment, and plan their next move-
then they get back to work..
Weaving, swooping, diving, pushing, folding - unfolding.
As I fold, my mind stops thinking, and my hands think for it.
My hands work like they know the piece by heart.
Finally my fingers add the finishing touches,
I lift the completed work and marvel at its amazing detail.
I put it on my desk for others to see,
then I fold once more.

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Ruthie Stewart said...
Nov. 4, 2009 at 8:53 pm
Great work Luke!!
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