I won

January 15, 2009
By Ciara Dowell, Flower Mound, TX

I felt no pain.
Your words that were meant to cut oh so deep.
Do nothing but tease my faltered heart.
I do not feel your pain. And I have no pain of my own.
You were covered in blood, and I stared at you reminding my self to remember this night.
For the shear joy that came about from your anguish was unbearable
in a twisted sort of way.
That only those who were broken could ever understand.
We were such great friends, everything was spoken between the two of us.
Inseperable at best.
But the cheap loyalty you felt radiated from me, was just a trick of the light.
I warned you.
You even saw it yourself.
As I pulled you close you saw, that there was nothing I could do for you.
You meant nothing to me. I got bored with you.
And as you lay on your floor, remembering that you did this to yourself.
I see you as just another story to tell.
Another win for my ever shaking with vengence pride.
What these eyes have seen tonight, is nothing that hasn't been seen before or won't be seen again.
I won. And only now can you begin to understand.
I am a broken person, filling with power.

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