The Truth

January 15, 2009
I thought I knew
I didn’t
So I suffer
My heart wrenched open,
The tears streaming,
Quietly, swiftly
Down my face.

What will it take
For this world to accept me
For who I am?
So much, yet so little,
Subject so close to my heart,
I can’t stand it,
Can’t bear it,
Why me?
Does a single soul out there care?
I think not
It’s true, no love,
Not for me
I don’t deserve it
Forever alone
What if I like it that way?

I hate myself,
My lies,
My hatred,
My heart,
Can’t someone free me,
Understand me,
Hold me in their arms
And never wish to let me go, truly care
For me alone?

What am I to anyone?
Friendless, in the dark,
Hiding from myself, from the world
I wanna be me,
Be free,
Know myself
For once

I’m vicious, terrible,
Hating, ungrateful,
No one’s seen my heart,
No one can grasp,
Pour my feelings out
To an uncaring world,
It’s who I am
But does a single soul care?

I wish I knew answers
To my endless questions
My heart can forgive
Those who have wronged me
Longing in my heart,
Makes me choke back smarting tears,
As my warm hand moves across the page,
A pang echoes, stirs my unfeeling heart
It’s impossible

Am I human?
I wish I could say I was.
But now, as dread works itself up,
I glance at the glistening knife,
My trembling hand picks it up,
The urge to stab, to hurt, to kill
I stare for a while but place it back down
Perhaps I am human after all.

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xXxFallingTearsxXx said...
Jun. 9, 2009 at 1:29 am
this is a great poem and i realy love it! i feel this way sometimes...when i'm really angry or depressed. great job!
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