January 15, 2009
A war between
The heart and mind
My heart says no
My mind says yes
I cannot tell the difference
Nor which to follow
I believe the opposite
For the mind is cunning
And so the lips take their orders
And form the word
The word to lead to doom and change

Unable to say no
Too difficult
A life lived for others
And not myself
The mind has won
But the heart shall stay
Never to give up
And to tell the mind
Rejection must occur
Once again the battle rages
And they both turn sore
Sleepless nights
Unaware hours
Spent in delay
And hate to myself

The courage arises
The keys click away
The words shimmering on the page
My heart finally light
The mind still resistant
But the heart proves victorious
Finally light
Finally right
Before the mind can win
The hand clicks the mouse

Suddenly the world nearly falls apart
The heart nearly shatters
But there is no turning back
No more allowing the mind to win
So foolish to do wrong
But instead now know to follow the heart.

The battle is over

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