Hey, New Kid

January 15, 2009
Hey, new kid
what’s your name?
I see you walk alone
I want to be your friend.
Hey, new kid
I know it’s really hard
Not everyone is welcoming
I know it’s lonely
Hey, new kid
I’ve been in your shoes
I know how I felt when no one befriended me
‘cause it’s incredibly lonely
Hey, new kid
Don’t be like me
Don’t hide yourself
Just because people don’t talk to you
Hey, new kid
Sometimes you have to initiate
it's not good to be alone
you've got to make friends
Hey, new kid
please learn from me
take my advice
'cause I care about you
Hey, new kid
I'd like to be your friend
but others always find you
before I get the chance
Hey, new kid
one day you'll feel like you belong
I'm sure
that it won't take you long
Hey, new kid
I wish I could be like you
'cause although I've been there so many times
I still walk alone
Hey, new kid
if you're lookin' for a friend
I'll be glad to be yours
all you have to do is ask
'cause when I was like you back then
I wish someone would have said,
"Hey, new kid-
I'd like to be your friend."

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