The Show

January 15, 2009
By DianaExperiment BRONZE, Diamond Bar, California
DianaExperiment BRONZE, Diamond Bar, California
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I stand there in relaxed excitement and mellow exuberance as my peripherals show the anxious crowd moving quickly in while the lights darken and the first note is strung.

It rings through our ears and the black outlined eyes around me widen with adoration.

Our pierced lips form the poetic first word to the opening song as the crowd immediately shoves forward and begin to let out every clich├ęd yet true emotion that has been waiting to explode.

The bass is undeniably powerful and our ears begin to throb with painful bliss.

We move up and down, forward and back, to the beat of the drum, all the while not missing a single passionate lyric.

This is where we come to be alive. What could be more living than the beating heartbeat we become?

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