No Escape

January 16, 2009
By Jahaira Torres, Newark, DE

What if we could escape from reality?
The reality of this grave world we call home
The home where so much is kept behind closed doors
The doors that constantly guide one onto the wrong course
The wrong course unyielding to hope, or the dawn of a new start
Yet, what if reality has already escaped from us?
The people who cause deterioration, and pain
The pain that enters the soul of troubled minds
The minds that generate thoughts of corruption and sorrow
The sorrow we allow one another to endure
The endurance of the people who suffer for others mistakes
The mistakes, which have caused us, the people, to wrongly, judge reality
The reality, is in fact our creation, truth is: there is no escape

The author's comments:
Lately I had been wondering what reality really is,and it's what we make of it. This is the aftermath of my thoughts.

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