Shrinking Into Nothing Until Nothing Becomes Nothingless

January 15, 2009
By Jae Shin, Marrero, LA

I watch
I watch her out of the corner of my eye
She seems to be so lonely
She seems to want to come into my
little 'group' so badly
But sadly, since I am not the
Oh So Important leader,
I cannot just take her in like
Madame Royale can

I wish
I wish I could just reach out to her,
and pull her by my side and say
'Aww, what's wrong?"

I want
I want to say reassuring things
So badly
If I dare break out of this
This so called clique
I know that I'll become one of
the 'outcasts' too.
And since I've already had the
Burn of being
So lonely,
without any friends,
I don't want to take
The chance of that
Happening ever again.

But oh,
Oh it tears at my conscience
It just tears until I feel
Tears welling up in my eyes.
Good thing Madame Royale
Looking directly at me

But no,
But no, wait...
No, please please wait
She's drifting away!
But at that second,
Our eyes meet and
She sees the anguish that is written
So clearly in my eyes.

She smiles
Smiles just a bit
Just a tad bit
And walks away.
And I know that
She was the better person
Because she was the one who reached out
and said
Oh so clearly
"It's okay, dont break out,
I dont want you to feel lonely,
Lonely like I do."

Now I,
I a couple years older
And a couple years wiser
Look back on
That time when I could have
Reached out
But failed to do so
Because of my stupid pride

And now I feel
I feel as if I'd shrunk
Shrunk until
Nothing becomes Nothingless

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