January 16, 2009
By Karolina Alves, Cold Spring, NY

the winds picking up again
shifting the grains of sand on the ground
shuffling through all of the papers
creating chaos in the air
wrapping you in a flutter of confusion and color
a small buzz begins to fill the air
ringing through each and every corner of your life
shaking all memories into one giant string of moments
twisting them tying them into knots
breaking and mending certain ends together
similar faces and places flashing before your eyes
the blur and the ringing only getting faster
slightly pushing you to your toes
slowly rotating in the counter direction
each breath brings a stillness about you
tangles of hair thrown all about
raising your arms out to the sides
watching the ground grow farther, leaving everything behind
the twisted memories the noises and emotions of the past
a perfect still bliss fills you
pushing out from inside
wanting nothing more but to burst through
nothing but white light shines through now
you're blind to everything, deaf to all noise
for that second you stop breathing;there is no reality

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