Two Best Friends

January 15, 2009
By BrookeSchueneman PLATINUM, Elko, Minnesota
BrookeSchueneman PLATINUM, Elko, Minnesota
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One is stubborn
A green-eyed beauty from hell
A drama-filled boy crazy wonder
She is fantastic and understands what I go through
Because we go through it together
Whether we want to or not

Then there's the boy
I love him to death...In ways that friends probably shouldn't, but I do anyway
He's got blue eyes and soft hair
And has a list of girls he likes
He makes me laugh and loves driving me insane

Then there's the blonde
She's skinny and vibrant
And she is ridiculously emotional
I can't stand how she over reacts sometimes
But God knows I get over it
We have a connection, her and I
And even though we fight, the bond remains

Sometimes we don't get along, my three best friends and I
But in the end
They're the ones I call at midnight
When I'm scared
Or when I need a shoulder to cry
They are my everything
The ones I can talk about nothing with
The ones that never can get rid of me
Because I love them so much!

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