January 15, 2009
The clock ticks slowly,but the sound is dimming
I slip into another realm, and it almost feels like im dreaming
I hear the wind, and the sun is setting in the sky
it feels like i'm floating,my feet up off the ground
this sensation is abrupt, tranquility is what i have finally found
the aroma of honey suckle whiffs past me, and im falling
falling into a fantasy;one so deep
nothing black and white, instead color
I drop upon a cloud;so delicate and soothing
I look up,to see a bird flowing in the air,but nothing else is moving
I close my eyes because this is amazing
I try to think how i got here,but I cant, nothing clicks
even so i dont worry,I cant take all this in so quick
so I open my eyes and begin gazing
a photographic memory is captured in my mind
I wanna stay here forever, but something is telling me there isnt enough time
I see rays peak through, forming a silhouette
I drift away, possibly into a deeper sleep
but it's this stargaze I could not possibly forget

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