Once Upon a Streetlight

January 15, 2009
By Briana Garrett, Germantown, MD

The streets sheen puddles of neon gold
As I wish for a second chance, my story retold.
Old liberty, new recession
My bright future can’t include a depression
Soaking wet with green and red curls
I wish I understood people or the world
Licking the glass plane of its own reflection
Elicit scandal elevates anyone mentioned
Forgetfulness is in; recollections are out,
They don’t care unless you’re a noun
My face torn bare and rubbed nude
Can’t be a victim, don’t dare be a prude.
Eavesdropping burns every word red
I can see their illusions, just turn your head
Dying for a dribble, a taste of the route
From a world not bothered by a drinking spout

The author's comments:
This piece of poetry is about starting out with the world against you. My own helpless naivity in the face of my experiences via trial and error.

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