Daddy is a Soldier

January 15, 2009
By Alyssa Daugherty, Rochester, MI

my daddy is a soldier.
hes coming home today,
but I can not help but wonder
how long that he will stay.
I know what it is he fights for,
for me and my home,
and for the thousands of lives
in lands far from our home.
my daddy is respected,
not only just by me,
but by millions of others
who watch from a tv.
I can hear people argue
about this so called war,
and I can hear people debate,
what it is we're fighting for.
daddy says he fights for freedom,
and that some others fight for more
but the only thing he fights for,
is the right to walk through our door.
he says its not about money,
or for him any power or greed,
for him its about fighting only,
to give others what they need.
see when others are in trouble,
he says its his job to help out.
so when called to the front lines
he responds without a doubt.
sometimes my dads not here,
and that i can now understand,
hes off in those far away countries,
Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan.
mommy says i share my daddy,
with kids from everywhere.
sometimes they need him more,
so I've agreed to share.
so if you need my daddy,
cause you're in trouble too,
I promise you he'll be there,
to help you see it through.

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