Dark Brown Eyes

January 15, 2009
When I look into your dark brown eyes
I see just one thing, I see pain
Pain from the build up of darkness and hurt

Who knew my tongue was as sharp as a knife
Causing my every word to destroy your paper thin heart
I had no idea, for if I did I would have never said them

I thought I was caring, I thought I was in-love.
But love is blind and I couldn’t see the damage I created
It eroded your happiness until darkness consumed you

Now there is nothing left of that beautiful young girl you once were
All that remains is a broken down person who’s tired and weary
And all I can do is watch you struggle to break free

Now I wish I could tell you all that’s on my mind
Let it all out so you could forgive me, and we could move on
So I could maybe someday help pick up the pieces, but I can’t

For every time I try I feel helpless and alone
Because I can’t fix these damages with words
And I don’t have the ability to heal these wounds

So I can never look back on the damages I’ve done
I can only wait until the next guy picks up the pieces
Maybe then her eyes will once again shine like the stars

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