January 15, 2009
By aaron rader, Shelbyvile, IL

All my skills are dead,
I wouldn’t know talent if it hit me in the head,
Some people say I m the sheeze neeze,
But all I do sit around and eat cottage cheese,
I know this poem is bad
It makes little kids sad
My mom makes tea, that tastes like but I drank it anyway
I got real sick
Want to be hit with a stick
But instead watched a chick flick
Why does my milk taste like sour cream
Blagggh! Sorry
I got some vomit on my paper
Nahh I clean it up later
Id like to thank Alex Brock
Even though he just stood there like a corn stalk
Im gonna blow chunks agin
The end

The author's comments:
I have no sence of humer ha ha ha

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