A Dark Quiet Night

January 15, 2009
By Cole Distel, Wheelersburg, OH

The wind blows soft.
Waiting for my target.
Out of the night the rain is coughed.
Marine Sniper.
An enemy's worst fear.
They can't see me.
But i see them ever so clear.
My rounds bring death.
In one smooth squeeze.
I choose your last breath.
The trigger finger starts to twitch.
There's no hiding day or night.
I can kill in both its easy to switch.
Target appears,easy trigger squeeze.
He doesn't know I'm in the world.
As his death flys through the breeze.
Rifle is silenced making no sound.
Bursts through the window.
Hits him and his body hits the ground.
I crawl away far out of sight.
Time for pick up.
Mission complete on a dark quiet night.

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