January 15, 2009
By Mariliz Ruiz, Hartford, CT

You left this world so suddenly, i didn't even get a chance to say goodbye
All the memory's i have of you always makes me cry
you was so young, why! why did you have to die
i would give anything just to see you back alive

You was more than a bestfriend
you was a sister to me
it's just so crazy how life can turn out to be

Everybody was crying at your funeral i'm looking at your casket wondering what did we do wrong... one minute your alive and the next your GONE

You looked so different tears started running down my face.. i got to let go cause i know your in a better place
i know this for a fact i know this is true
cause my cousins up there so gods taking care of both of you!

When you passed away i listened to the Rose the one Bette Milder sung it's true what people say......


The author's comments:
What i write is based on what i feel and basically everything i write comes from more of my heart then my mind... everything i write depends on my mood and what kind of day i'm having... like this poem AKIANA....when i wrote this poem i was crying and so i showed my emotion more by writing a poem to indicate my feelings for her... instead of talking to people and releasing my whole life story to them i do the opposite i write poetry to tell people about my life and everything i go through...i hope any reader who reads this will learn that in life you only got one life to live so live your life to the fullest...cause you never know what can happened one minute you could be alive and the next... YOUR GONE!

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