Make You Proud

January 15, 2009

Where'd you go?
Dad, please don't leave.
I'll do anything; just tell me, I'll do it.
I wish I could be different, to be good enough for you to stay.

You said be tough, ok, I will
I'll do it for you...

Dad, guess what! I won my boxing match for you.
I got the medal, it's for you!
Oh...ok, yeah, it's all good. I'll hang on to it for you.
It's just a piece of metal.
I love you dad, I'll toughen up.

You always told me to work hard.
I will, I'll make you proud.

I'm back from training dad, been there since school.
I'm really tired.
Huh, I never thought of it that, my opponents are probably training more.
Good point dad, I'm sorry.

I'll work harder

You said never settle for second, only first.
Ok dad, I will. I'll win you gold.

Dad, I won my fight! KO first round!
But overall...I got second in the tournament.
You're right dad; second place is the first loser.
I'm sorry I keep letting you down dad.

I wish I was what you wanted.
I thought that if I did everything you said,
You'd stay.
That if I was the best fighter, if I gave you the world
You wouldn't leave.
I needed you there dad.
But it's ok; you don't need to be there for me.
I don't need you anymore.
You taught me what I needed to survive.
I'll keep fighting for you.


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