Above The Teenage Life And Beyond The Infulence

January 15, 2009
By Desmona Welcome BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Desmona Welcome BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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You herd above the influence
I’m something new
Above teen life
You all might ask
I look for the better things
And not the
Easy simple things
I’m over the dumb boys
Way past stupid friends
That’s the reason I have none
The reason
I don’t have someone to lean on
Other then my boyfriend
Above teen life
That’s why I’m not like everyone
Palms getting wet
So nervous
Broken by people
I’m still standing
Still strong
And still me
I’m different
That’s why
I’m not a statistic
Cause I’m way beyond the influence
And above the teenage life

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I took a good look at stuff teens do even though I'm one myself it didn't add up to me why people think I'm weird. I figured that I was weird because I at like I have some sense like of like an adult so I started writing and ta da a poe.m

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