January 15, 2009
Stressing and panicing all though the night
I can hear my brain and my body having a fight
I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm mad then I'm glad
Seems like all of these emotions have my body and mind going bad
I lost my friends because of so many mixed emotions
It seemed like all I could do was start comotion
Its like I didn't know how to be a true friend
Sometimes I wonder WHY my life is stalling
I was always told life is a brezze but I cant even feel a brezze
I step on the scall with desecration and hate
Once again I've lost more weight
Nodding in class because I didn't get enough sleep
Can't take to focus seems like my mind is on something bogus
I just can get is stright
Always confused and don't know what to do
Do I suppose to do this or that
Does this book go here or there
Oh no! wait I can't breathe
My head feels like its about to pop
Then suddenly I drop

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