Dream Girl

January 14, 2009
By Kyle Howard, Westminster, CO

She makes me feel warm
And sad all at the same time
I know it’s wrong, but for her
I would commit any crime
She makes me feel like I’m on top of the world
Then seconds later I’m a speck in the crowd
I now feel crushed
Like I was just hit by a train
I’m tired of this
Tired of all the tears and pain
I have waited for so long
And even tried to move on, but I can’t.
Everywhere I look I see her
Whether its ripples in a pond
Or clouds in the sky
I would give her the world
Or at least I would try
It doesn’t matter
To her I’m just like any other guy
Sometimes I wonder if she even listens to me.
I give her warnings that she doesn’t seem to see
Sad and alone I sit in my room
Crying my eyes out and watching cartoons
I dream about finding that fairy tail ending
Where they lived happily ever after
The one where the guy and his princess ride off into the sunset
I guess that’s only a fantasy, not something I could actually get
But when I look at her
I still see my princess all dressed up in diamonds and pearls
What can I say, she’s my dream girl

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