A cheating wife

January 14, 2009
By Kevin Oakley, Glide, OR

The sun is slowly rising, she sneaks into the back,

the clock hits 6 A.M, its like a sneak attack,

my veins are cold and rushing, I'm trying to relax,

as she's hoping that I'm fast asleep,

she's sure I've hit the sack,

a lamp above my shoulder, I flip open a mag,

I never smoke inside the house, but slowly take a drag,

I close my eyes inside myself, I let my spirit flow,

she's doesn't have to tell me, cause I already know,

the energy is different, every other night she cries,

she doesn't want to lose me, so instead she lies,

as she walked into the living room, I read her like a book,

I burned as steady as my cigarette, and in my soul i shook,

her eyes are welling up with tears, she fears a consequence,

there's nothing left to understand, It all makes perfect sense,

It jingles as it hits the ground,I just bought her that purse,

I keep my curses to myself, I'd only make it worse,

with a sigh i close my book, and then turn off the light,

I want to say i love you, but instead i say goodnight

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on Feb. 2 2009 at 4:45 pm
right on


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