January 14, 2009
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Gone like the wind,
So sudden and swift.
Leaving you wondering
Why did it go?

How could they leave you here?
Lonely and defenseless
Without prior notice,
You start to feel the loneliness.

At first it’s bearable,
Then it grows and grows,
Till it’s past the point of break
You’re shattered and alone.

Remembering the times we use to share,
This situation is really unfair.
All the places we use to go,
Up the street and down the road.
To that park where memories are made,
On the swing is where I played.

Loving the moments I hold close to my heart,
Re-living the pain of watching you part.
I know better now to love them while they’re here,
Because when they’re gone,
You’ll only have the fear,
About wondering why,
Why did they die?
Did they really just go?
Was it a lie?

The scar that’s left on you
Will hold “I Remembers” and “We Use to’s”
No longer can we say
Hello and Good-Bye,
But the memories you left me,
Live on inside.

When will they come back?
Did they really just go?
But what can you say,
Love comes and goes.
But just like the wind,
So sudden and swift,
When it really goes away,
It leaves you breathless.

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