Through the Eyes of a Drummer

January 14, 2009
By Philipp Schroeder, San Diego, CA

Thousands of people, all crowded in one Stadium.

The drummer standing on the field alone with just his drum and his sticks.

Silence fills the air as he starts his show.

Not even thinking about how many people are watching, just focused on himself.

He drums and drums, the crowd goes crazy as he performs.

He is reaching the end of his show, his eyes get blurry from his sweat.

He ends his run. The crowd gets silent, as he stands there shaking.

Then all of a sudden he looks up and screams. "Stand up!"

At that point the crowd raises and gives him a mighty applause.

He who was alone, just him and his drum.

The author's comments:
I have entered in many poetry or essay contests and have won in the 50 best moms in san diego essay contest and have also won in a published poetry book.

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